In a troubled world witnessing increasing unforgiveness in various parts of the globe, the importance of the International Day for Forgiveness  becomes especially evident in these current times.

So, what is forgiveness? And what are its psychological and energetic effects on the one who forgives?

Forgiveness had a misinterpreted and misunderstood definition until recently, when it began to become clearer with the help of trainers and enlightened individuals in the field of consciousness.

As an example to illustrate the difference between old perceptions of forgiveness and its importance when understood consciously, let’s take Rami, a young ambitious man who always strived to achieve his own project and dreamed of his own office and success. However, Rami was scammed by his project partner, who was originally his friend. Before understanding the meaning of tolerance, people would ask Rami to forgive his friend, forget what happened, and believe that his friend would eventually face an incident that would make him regret his actions. However, after forgiving his friend, Rami kept waiting for the day his friend would express regret and downfall so that he could “rest,” but that day never came!

With an understanding of the true meaning of forgiveness, can we say that Rami truly forgave his friend? Certainly not!

Returning to the same example but applying conscious forgiveness, we would see Rami regaining his composure and awareness, forgiving his friend, and vowing not to think about him or how to harm him (for a true forgiver does not harm).

Rami would understand that his friend was there to teach him a lesson and illuminate the darkness within him from accumulated programming, weaknesses, or traumas stored in his memory, creating the need for such a friend in his awareness. Understanding this secret, Rami would forgive his friend from his heart and start searching within himself to heal. Perhaps after this process, he would achieve a bigger project and remarkable success that he couldn’t have achieved if he hadn’t looked within and healed himself. All of this wouldn’t have happened if his friend hadn’t betrayed him and left him in a difficult situation.

There are many other examples that can apply to all aspects of life. However, the significant act of forgiveness that can be a point of healing for most people, after returning within themselves and facing their dark side, is the forgiveness of parents. Dr. Nada Rachid dedicated a YouTube episode in Arabic to explain the importance of forgiving parents and its impact on our lives, titled “Forgiveness for Parents.”