In today’s blog, we will share a small story that happened to a dear friend who shared her experience with us, along with the lessons she learned from the incident she faced.

This time, it’s the story of an ordinary employee working at a prestigious company whose department head harassed her. She initially dealt with him with excessive respect to the point that she denied his actions and acted as if nothing had happened. The incident happened again, and she spoke to him, thinking she had clarified her reaction and that he wouldn’t do it again. However, he repeated his actions a third time. At this point, she realized that this recurring situation was a message she needed to address. She then took the following steps:

  1. First, she stepped out of her comfort zone and courageously defended her rights.
  2. Second, she learned not to idolize people, as this creates an energy imbalance, subconsciously suggesting that this person is superior to her. By doing so, she understood that we are all equal and that he is merely human like her. Her previous treatment of him as a deity gave him the power to treat her this way due to her categorization of him.
  3. Third, she overcame her shyness, which turned out to be just a fear of confrontation. She discovered her skills, which allowed her to advance in her job and take on more responsibilities.
  4. Fourth, she noticed that when she elevated her self-image and was brave enough to defend her rights, she sent a message to the universe that she was strong. The universe, in turn, responded by sending her vibrations that matched her newfound level.
  5. Fifth, she realized that most people are followers, not independent, and that they only respect the strong.
  6. Sixth, she understood that life is full of possibilities. It was only when she let go of fear and faced the situation that she overcame it, seeing it as just one possible scenario in life. When a person decides to confront, they can see other possibilities and not get stuck in a particular box or become a follower of someone else.

This story encourages us to look inward and recognize the importance of making decisions and how they can change our lives. There is no fear in making a decision based on an event or idea that happened to us. Due to its importance, Dr. Nada conducted a comprehensive course explaining in detail how to make the “right” decisions in our lives, titled “The Art of Decision-Making”.