Consciousness is everything and nothing at the same time. We know that you can never truly know something without experiencing it. Thus, the same applies to consciousness. For consciousness to know itself, it uses all creatures. All creatures, such as humans, animals, nature, objects, sounds, everything that exists. Specifically, consciousness uses our state when we are aware.

Being conscious means you are aware of anything external to you and know it exists. Now, how can the feeling of consciousness be described? It involves a process that includes: the subconscious, healing, and the unconscious (memory storage).

The subconscious encompasses everything stored in our memory, our data, and the information collected (from the moment of our creation). This is what helps us create our external reality, not just any external reality but the perfect one for our spiritual growth. The subconscious filters our reality and makes it appear as it is. It is a state of continuous creation at every moment, where the same reality is created endlessly but with very slight changes each time.

So, after creating our reality through memory storage and becoming aware of it by being conscious, we enter the healing stage.

In this stage of the process, healing occurs in various ways. However, the most common method is pain (in different forms, not just physical but also mental and emotional).

Why does healing happen?

Because of the unconscious, which is defined as everything we separate from. The unconscious is when we experience a state of comparison and separation. When we see something in our external reality that we wish to have, desire, or see as far away from us.

Therefore, you can simply summarize the above as follows:

Consciousness wants to know itself through being conscious.

The feeling of consciousness happens when the subconscious uses memory storage to create and filter your reality.

The unconscious plays a role in making you feel separate from your new version and helps you see that you are not yet the new version of yourself.

Then, you start healing, which involves separating yourself from your old version and making room to integrate the new version of yourself.

The unconscious shows you the new version of yourself.

The subconscious shows you the old version of yourself.

Healing separates you from what no longer serves your spiritual growth and integrates what does.

This will happen repeatedly…

Until you get closer and closer to reaching the higher (divine) consciousness…

But you will never fully reach it.