Father’s Day is a global social celebration where we honor fathers or those who play a fatherly role in our lives. The day of celebration varies from country to country, but they all share the same goal: to recognize and appreciate the contributions of fathers in the lives of their children.

On this occasion, let’s first define who a father is from the perspective of Dr. Nada.

A father represents identity, and identity means something much deeper than society’s common understanding of it. It is not a name, your family name, or something you physically possess. Identity is your true self behind everything you own. It is your true self beyond the material world. It means that your father, in his presence and absence, is the one who drives you to continue asking yourself, “Who am I?”

Your father is the primary source of masculinity that you need to have the strength to start searching for your identity throughout every stage of your life.

Therefore, a father’s messages are always strong and always urge you to find your true self and what you really want.

For a girl who suffers from bad relationships with men, she needs to understand that everything stored within her about relationships with men stems from her father and her relationship with him. Once she starts looking for a way to heal the relationship with her father, she will collide with her identity! With her truth! Consequently, she will understand the reason for attracting bad relationships with men and will eliminate this issue permanently.

There was a girl who always sought perfection and identified herself through the material achievements she made in her life. When she began healing sessions to get rid of these programs, she discovered that the reason was her father, who only spoke to her when she made mistakes and told her how much she had disappointed him!

The poor girl spent the rest of her life trying to build her identity on the basis of material success, far from her true self.

So today, try to think about your relationship with your father or your experience with any father figure in your life because you will find yourself starting to think about your true self and who you really are.

A father has a significant impact on a person’s life; he can reveal your flaws as they are to help you reach the best version of yourself.