We know that everything we experience is part of our journey and is all for our own good. Even though what we may label as “darkness” has caused us to be greatly misled and weighed down, to make us lose sight of our main goal and blur out our connection with our higher self. What we may label as “light” also has a huge role.

Nada’s tool “Meta Healing” is used to integrate/activate very high vibrational colors (which are not like the standard colors we know). These colors carry certain states or qualities that a person lacks, and this lack keeps them further and further away from knowing who they really are, thus keeping them stuck in the same loop of pain, struggle, and heaviness.

Meta Healing is also based on the principles of non-resistance and least action and does not question how to achieve its objectives. The process is driven by intention, so it simply acts. Just like the sun is not trying to shine in the sky; it is shining, and the tree does not try to grow; it grows. It’s all about frequency!

Through specific testing, Nada can find out what the exact vibrational colors a person is lacking are and how long she needs to activate these colors within them. The activation period may vary from person to person (for example, it could be for 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or even 5 weeks, depending on each case).

Upon doing this program, you would be receiving a detailed personalized file that includes:

  • A thorough explanation of Meta Healing
  • Highly powerful and helpful daily exercises (Including ones related to the egregores which are collective thought-forms that can influence the thoughts and actions of the people connecting to them. An example is: the Egregore of Fear)
  • A weekly check-up from the team

You need to know that this program should not be taken lightly because it promises remarkable results and a significant shift in consciousness. However, like everything else, you will experience significant challenges that will bring obstacles to the surface and help you achieve your goals and intentions.

The Universe has laws, including the law of vibration, which states that everything is in motion. Therefore, it is the movement of our energy and our vibrational frequency that determines what our lives appear as. In other words, the higher our vibrational level, the more positive and enjoyable our experiences become, simply because our entire perspective changes. So, even when we have negative experiences, we eventually reach the state of understanding that all we experience is a part of our consciousness and not separate from us at all. Thus, we finally truly believe that everything happens for our own good.

Additionally, as we increase our frequency, we become more sensitive to subtle knowledge and messages from our higher self. When this happens, we feel that our path is illuminated and opportunities flow without the need for force, stubbornness, or relentlessness.

It’s all about frequencies, and Meta Healing is a tool that accompanies people on this journey.

If you desire to have the Meta Healing program, kindly contact the numbers below:

For EUR: +32 475 28 58 37

For UAE: +971 50 816 2609

For LEB: +961 3 558 112