Welcome Soul Friends, throughout my experience as a Leader in the field of Light, I have developed a deep passion in accompanying people on their journeys towards integrating Divine Love and Sovereignty in their physical form. My mission and intention is, through my higher self, to remind you of the infinite power you have inside of you and help you become true leaders.

I provide the tools and strategies that I have developed through my own personal growth and experiences to empower people to embrace any negative situation and transform it into a miracle. My approach is focused on promoting independence and self-reliance, as I believe that everyone has the ability to overcome challenges and achieve their goals on their own.

With my guidance, I can help you become closer to your Higher Self, by focusing greatly on emotional understanding and empowerment.


Throughout my experience as a Leader of Light, I have reached a profound devotion in accompanying people on their journeys towards manifesting the Divine Sovereign Nature in their physical form.

I provide people with the guidance that helps them become true leaders, because I believe that everyone has the ability to heal themselves, and reach the highest and purest version of themselves on their own. It is only a matter of reminding you of the infinite power you have within.

My life mission, strategy, and intention which I convey to you all, revolves around accompanying people in solving their problems with their own hands and efforts. I give people the ability to have full independence by only providing them with the tools that push them towards healing themselves on their own, and these tools are a result of my own personal growth, experiences, and truths that I have come to know.

With my guidance, I remind people of the infinite being they truly are by focusing greatly on emotional understanding and empowerment.


The content of your conference was quite interesting, clearly delivered and well explained. You broke it down to make it easy comprehendible for new attendees who have never been exposed to such content.

Maya, Client

Looking back at 2020, this year you were the star and light that guided many souls. A book would be needed to describe how you ignited fire and light to each and every soul you know. Thank you, Nada, for being you. Looking forward to many more years of following your infinite light.

Karim, Client

Thank you so much for an amazing conference! You give the message in a beautiful and smooth way!! You have a charm in delivering your message in a way each and everyone can relate to and learn a lot!!

Zeina , Client

Thank you for your generosity and your simplicity in giving us the information. Thank you for encouraging us to become the best version of ourselves. And finally, thank you for your conference, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Ranya , Client

Nada no words can describe my gratitude for your generosity in giving all these valuable information. The way you gave us the keys to understand to understand the messages was so smooth, direct, and beneficial. You were able to make me feel happy, energetic and curious to discover and search for my soul.

Racile , Client

Thank you for being a facilitator and giving us the tools to be independent in this journey. Your generosity is so obvious. Thank you for a very deep and inspiring workshop.

Mirna , Client