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A series of daily episodes that will shed light on most of the problems that a person can face with solutions and special exercises. It will allow the person to know more about their own truth and get closer to their divine self.

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In this series of episodes that deal with a period of time in Madeline’s life, we will learn how to face the common problems that all people may face, with solutions and exercises to do and adhere to. You will learn how to have more clarity with yourself and to look forward to developing yourself and reach your truest version.

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This series of episodes will help you:

  • Discover your true self and what you want.
  • Reconcile with the past and apply the process of forgiveness correctly
  • Look towards the future and accurately define your desires
  • Integrate your negative reality and create what you truly need in your life
  • Forgive the past and aspire towards your higher self
  • Understand letters, numbers and symbols
  • Learn the art of letting go and its features
  • Learn how to deal with criticism and how to differentiate between positive and negative criticism
  • Through many daily exercises that will lead you to step beyond yourself and reach more freedom

Terms & Conditions

Below are a few of the main policies you should know before purchasing this private session:

  • This course does not, by any means, act as an alternative or replacement for any medical treatment, care, diagnosis, or anything related to the field of medicine.
  • This course is strictly accessible for people of ages 16 and above.
  • This course is non-refundable.
  • This course cannot be downloaded, and all its materials are only accessible on the website.
  • You are prohibited from sharing any content found in this course with anyone, including family members and friends.
  • The access to this course will be through a password that expires one year after the purchasing date.

Behind this policy are two universal laws you are urged to keep in mind:

The universal law states the importance of a person spending on what they would like to have and achieve, in order to truly earn, deserve, and appreciate it. And the universal law of cause and effect, which strictly warns against interfering in other people’s experiences, especially in regard to providing them with the information they are not ready to learn. This is why it is important for you to respect yourself, respect others, and respect Nada’s significant trust in you. Otherwise, you are solely responsible for handling the effects of your actions.


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