Forbidden Knowledge of 2024


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If you are looking for a tool to assist you in preparing for the new year, look no further. This course is the ultimate choice, designed to prepare your heart as well as expand your consciousness and understand what it means to expand or evolve in consciousness for 2024 and the unique energies it carries.

Are you ready to dive into the intriguing and forbidden knowledge of 2024?

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In an era where energetic advancements have reshaped our understanding of the world, this course offers a transformative experience. We often tend to look for external factors for evolution and enlightenment, but the question would be: “Is there an evolution for humans?”

You will understand this in the course. The course dives deeper into self-sufficiency. You will learn to understand the fundamental truth that nothing is achievable unless it resonates with the rhythm of your soul’s evolution and the life path you have chosen. As you prepare to welcome 2024, this course will not only prepare you for the new year, but will also guide you to approach your life with an open heart and true balance. The nature of balance will also be revealed to you during this course.

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  • What Vibrational Frequencies are we living in?
  • Is Humanity’s Collective Love Growing or Withering?
  • How do Love and Consciousness Guide Our Evolution?
  • Can Understanding Space and Time Lead Us to Fulfillment?
  • Why Are We Losing the Flavor of Life?
  • What are the secrets of Chaotic Energies, and how to deal with the Chaos?
  • How Do Self-Confidence and Self-Knowledge Intertwine?
  • What is the difference between the law of balance and alchemical emotions?
  • What is My Personal Opinion on Spirituality and its Techniques? Are they Useful or Useless?
  • What energies await us in 2024?
  • Entering 2024 with a Meditation

Terms & Conditions

Below are a few of the main policies you should know before purchasing this private session:

  • This course does not, by any means, act as an alternative or replacement for any medical treatment, care, diagnosis, or anything related to the field of medicine.
  • This course is strictly accessible for people of ages 16 and above.
  • This course is non-refundable.
  • This course cannot be downloaded, and all its materials are only accessible on the website.
  • You are prohibited from sharing any content found in this course with anyone, including family members and friends.
  • The access to this course expires three months after it’s purchase date. 

Behind this policy are two universal laws you are urged to keep in mind:

The universal law states the importance of a person spending on what they would like to have and achieve, in order to truly earn, deserve, and appreciate it. And the universal law of cause and effect, which strictly warns against interfering in other people’s experiences, especially in regard to providing them with the information they are not ready to learn. This is why it is important for you to respect yourself, respect others, and respect Nada’s significant trust in you. Otherwise, you are solely responsible for handling the effects of your actions.


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