“How do you cool the fire of the self?

He said: By sufficiency. Be sufficient, my child, for whoever leaves, rules.


Detachment is not just a practice; it is a journey. A journey that teaches us to embrace every obstacle, every difficulty, as a lesson. It is about recognizing our weaknesses, understanding our limitations, and accepting that we cannot control everything. Realizing this frees you and opens a path toward true growth, a path that leads us beyond the limits of our past experiences and the constraints we have imposed on ourselves.

Detachment means understanding the value of every experience, and seeing every challenge as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the world around us. It is recognizing that, while we may not control the outcome, we have the power to control our reaction, our perspective, and our next steps forward.

So, who among us can truly let go and literally suffice without everything in their life? Is it easy for you to give up a belief you have held for years? Or a relationship you are accustomed to? Or a job that no longer serves you spiritually but does so materially? If we truly believe with all our being that we can let go of all these ties and connect only with the Creator through submission. Then our lives would completely change as Rumi said: Whoever leaves, rules.

But where do we start? How do we begin this process of detachment, of moving beyond the shadows of our past, and stepping into a brighter, limitless future? It is a process that requires guidance, insights, and a proven strategy.

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